Register a Ship


Vanuatu would like to extend an open invitation to all yacht and ship owners to register their vessel in this marvelous country, courtesy of TOP Company Formation (TCF.)  Comprised of more than 80 islands, northeast of Sydney, Australia, in the southern Pacific Ocean, this invitation should be seized upon by all eligible persons.  It is indeed a privilege to fly the flag of Vanuatu on any sea vessel no matter where in the world it is headquartered.

This 80+ island archipelago is surrounded by sparkling blue water and has crystal clean sandy beaches on the shore of each island. As you travel inland on most of these islands, you will find a tropical oasis, a heavenly climate, and friendly people. Additionally, there are so many water-oriented activities to participate in there. Whether you have a ship for personal pleasure or a fleet of them for a business, these are all good reasons to make Vanuatu your home base.

As if you needed any more incentives than we just gave you, here is a brief list:
• Constant access to registry personnel
• Maritime Act on United States maritime law applies here.
• Impeccable safety record throughout Vanuatu
• Its own network of independent inspectors and Special Agent Commissioners
• Reasonable fees and other costs associated with registering in Vanuatu.
• Mortgage are accepted by all reputable law firms.
• Vanuatu hosts all major conventions in the sea vessel industry.
• As per the Maritime Act, there are no restrictions on the nationality of the crew.
• Vanuatu has the most flexible requirements for crewing.


Trade Board Limited is an authorized agent of the Vanuatu government licensed to process sea vessel registration applications for people from all over the world, in accordance with all applicable laws in Vanuatu.  Your application to make Vanuatu the home port of your yacht or ship will be processed quickly, professionally, and of course, legally.  It is not mandatory for you to be present in Vanuatu to do this.  Your Trade Board Limited representative will handle everything for you.

We are located within Vanuatu, as are our key executives.  We have first-hand knowledge of sea vessel registration in this country and how to get your application approved.  Trade Board Limited personnel understand all the laws and regulations pertaining to yacht and ship registration in Vanuatu, in addition to all procedures and fee amounts.  Trade Board Limited is the most qualified firm to undertake such an important responsibility for you.  We will be your representative in all ship registration tasks and provide you with 24/7 assistance before, during, and after the processes are completed.

if you are interested in other services pertaining to Vanuatu, like opening an offshore banking account, or forming a company in Vanuatu, or an additional office for an existing business, Trade Board Limited can assist you with those services as well. 


Required Forms and Documentation for Ship Registry

Any of these can be downloaded right away at its specific link, brought to you by Trade Board Limited.  It is important to mention that you might need to have Adobe Reader on your computer to view them. 


Fee Schedule for Sea Vessel Registration

Each of the fees listed below are in United States dollars and are mandatory to be paid in advance of being granted a registration.

  • Registration Fees
  • Bareboat Registration Fees
  • Re-Registration Fees (transfer of ownership of vessel)
  • Change of Name Fees
  • Recording Fees
  • Seafarer Documentation Fees
  • Certification, Authentication, Approval
  • Miscellaneous
Initial Registration

We offer competitive rates based on the number and size of vessels. Contact us for immediate quotations or use our fees calculator (Fees Calculator)


* These fees are Per Net Ton

* These fees are Per Net Ton

Issuing of a license or certificate upon qualification

For each type of fee listed above, there are separate fees associated with it that also must be paid. To view the required amounts for all mandatory fees, ask your representative at Trade Board Limited.

Fees Calculator