Vanuatu Permanent Residency

Vanuatu Permanent Residency

Vanuatu seeks to attract quality investors in part due to its Permanent Residence Visa Program. The program is available to people from all nationalities. It is through this program that the person applying, plus his or her direct family members, acquire the right of permanent residence in Vanuatu. Each application and subsequent approval are handled courtesy of the duty officer of the Immigration Department in Vanuatu.

*To be successful, the candidate must observe the laws of Vanuatu and all related laws implemented by the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority for foreign investors. This has to be done when the candidate exercises his or her right of abode in Vanuatu.

**Additionally, it must be noted that the Vanuatu Permanent Residence program does NOT immediately translate to Vanuatu citizenship. Each person seeking citizenship in Vanuatu must live there for 10 years prior to applying. At that time, they will also be eligible to apply for a Vanuatu passport.

Required Documentation for Vanuatu Permanent Residence Visa Application
General Information about Vanuatu
Benefits of a Permanent Residency in Vanuatu

What Should Be Your First Step?

The best thing you can do is hire Trade Board Limited, the authorized agent of the Government of Vanuatu, to represent you and take care of all relevant procedures for you. At Trade Board Limited, we understand everything related to the country as well as all the proceedings toward becoming a permanent resident. We know all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to Vanuatu and are the best firm to have on your side in your permanent residency efforts. We also have an excellent track record of success in this endeavor for our clients. Trade Board Limited, being the sole authorized agent of the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu, is the perfect company to represent you in Vanuatu.